All About Bullies. . . Big and Small

Bullying can happen to anyone. Together we can create a safe school environment & community for our children. These artists understand the emotions connected to bullying. Enjoy their helpful hints & reflections in this amazing collection.

Pacer Center

We’re pleased to support Kids Against Bullying by sharing all profits from proceeds with the Pacer Center’s National Bullying Prevention Center,

A Phanatic Endorsement

The Phillie Phanatic endorses the All-Star team work and efforts on the CD “All About Bullies…Big And Small” which won a GRAMMY for Best Children’s Album. It’s a home run loaded with hits! Enjoy it! Share the songs and stories contained on this disc at your family dugouts and tell his fans in the stands!!!!
He thinks it’s the best in the field.

Walk Away – Debbie and Friends

Jump Rope – Blue October

Courage – Peter Alsop


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