All About Bullies

Blue October’s topical uplifting song about growing up entitled “Jump Rope” leads this playground in an all star line-up for one of the most significant children’s CDs of the year “All About Bullies…Big And Small!” It’s selections weave like a story in a unique mix of stories and songs at a playground we all know. Visit this host of characters from cyber bullies, kids with humorous courage, to kids viewing their lives through bicycles. You’ll notice right away that this recording has one interesting twist… each kid finds a way to act differently or to accept other children for who they are (often in a fun way.)

Funny tales and tunes about team work, bus rides, multi-culturalism, diversity, new friends, being too tall or too small abound in these classrooms and lunch halls! You’ll find yourself visiting this CD’s friends over and over with your whole family.

Many wonderful artists have submitted interesting topical recordings of either music or poetry to this compilation. The roster of artists included in this CD’s collection are: Steve Van Zandt, Eric Bazilian, Heidi Swedberg, Peter Alsop, Blue October, May Pang, Vini MADDOG Lopez, Keith Grimwood, Barry Louis Polisar, Frances England, Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band, Debbie and Friends, Sugar Free Allstars & Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Eric Ode, The Battersby Duo, Oran Etkin, Judy Pancoast, Dave Kinnoin, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones of Philerzy, John Flynn, Giorgio Aquilani, Jonathan Sprout, Marla Lewis, Pat Robinson, Ken Cowle, Les Julian, Bill Pere, Miss Amy, Bob Miles, Whitney Peyton with Only Human, Grover Silcox, Debbi Calton, Jim Cravero, Cyndy Drue, Skip Denenberg, Paula Lizzi and much more…

Bullying can happen to anyone, but together we can change that by bringing awareness to the community. We can all be instrumental in helping create a safe school environment and community for our children. These artists understand the emotions connected to bullying. Enjoy listening to their helpful hints and reflections of life’s lessons in this amazing collection. All About Bullies… Big and Small is designed to put an interesting and heartfelt twist on the subject that can be discussed at the dinner table, on the playground, and in school.

Always keep in mind, we have another tomorrow and that bullying shouldn’t be a part of childhood.

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